Gen Y Yuppies: is disillusion with life causing excessive singledom?

Again, this topic has reared it’s ugly (but only because it’s true) head in the media. Are we willing to accept that the hook – up culture so dominating in today’s Tindering society is, and should be, the status quo? Reading this piece gave me chills and almost, I mean almost made me cancel a drink date tonight with a man who suggested some casual after work drinks. I now want the first day with all the frills, dammit!

Have a read here:

the anthem blog

An annoyingly accurate blog post has arisen on Huffington Post overnight here

Is the necessity for constant excitement and interaction making it impossible for Gen Y’s to commit to stable, long term relationships?

I’d like to blame my stubborn Taurean horoscope, but perhaps I’m so determined to find Mr Perfect that I’m overlooking Mr-Could-Make-Me-Happy.

In a world where woman are told that they can, and should have it all, I’m not willing to settle in any aspect. But am I throwing the baby out with the bath water? Is failing to respond to a text after three dates because he “fist pumped” me too often a bit harsh? I mean, bit of a minor flaw?

Not settling? Keep at it, Gen Y. Why not?


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