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Shut up, just shut up…

Just before the luxurious summer holiday break, I introduced a friend to work colleague. It went swimmingly at first. Neither of them was taking it too seriously – he was “company” for her.

There were a few road blocks along the way (including, I kid you not, sitting not 50 m from him on a popular Sydney beach while he was on a semi-naked date, only days after being with my friend). Overall, however they remained in “contact” on a regular basis, and I was happy observer and occasional third wheel.

Until it wasn’t. There was no amonosity, it just fizzled. However, now I’m faced with the dilemma: do I have to discard my friendship with the colleague for the sake of my friend.

To answer this age old dilemma, encountered by wing woman everywhere, I asked a panel of my own thoughts. Being a Taurean, this undoubtedly meant a large variety of response ranging from “mates over (their) dates” to “sure, but only professionally, friendship has to go” and everything in between.

The outcome? I have no friggin idea. I see my colleague on a daily basis: we exercise at lunch together. That inevitably leads to conversation about our personal lives. I know a little more than I care to about his personal life including his dating habits. Of which there are many. Similarily, my friend confides in me about men in her orbit.

I’ve worked out the perfect solution. Plead the Fifth Amendment. I say nothing to either about either so neither get updates. Easy.

Silence really is golden, after all.


I’m friends with the monsters inside of my head…


Alone again, naturally…

Apologies for the hiatus. I was, you see, temporarily not single. For someone who writes a blog about the hilariousness, awkwardness and otherwise fabulousness that it is to be solo, suddenly getting a boyfriend puts a little spanner in the works.

It was the age old story: boy knows girls for 10 years. Both become single. Boy asks girl out and, despite having him firmly in the friend zone for a decade, girl agrees to be in a relationship. Almost instantaneously. A week before he leaves for three months abroad.

So, maybe not the ideal start to a relationship. I really should have cottoned on to our incompatibility after realising that there was a reason he had been friend zoned since first year of university. But, I yielded to his requests to “go steady”. I’m not proud of it but I liked the attention; it was nice to be wanted. It was nicer to be talked about by our mutual friends: our union caused quite the stir.

After a few months talking on the phone, receiving extravagant posies of flowers and French champagne on Valentines Day, I flew interstate to meet him. It was a bizarre 5 day reunion. I was almost sick on the plane ride over. We’d decided to wait to get jiggy until we met again, all very romantic. Turns out, if you haven’t wanted to sleep with someone in 10 years of knowing them, there’s probably a reason. We had less chemistry than oil and water. It just didn’t work, at all. While I’m the first to concede that sex isn’t the be all and end all in a relationship (I should know, my first boyfriend is gay) it isn’t great when you aren’t wanting to rip each others clothes off within the first 4 months.

The decision was made for me. After we returned home and settled into normality with my new man home, I realised how much physical compatibility was critical to a relationship. Within 11 days I was having the chat and ending it. I cried for about an hour, then hardened up. I haven’t come this far to be with someone who the thought of being intimate with excited me as much as having to pumice my feet.

Lesson learned: once in the friend zone, it’s just not worth letting them cross over into lovers.

Alone again, naturally.


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